Are you considering re-tiling your bathroom as part of your 2018 goals? If so, you should know the trends in bathroom tiling. Bathroom tiling isn’t bland like it used to be.

Several different bathroom tile styles are offered to create your perfect bathroom. But like all trends, new ones emerge constantly.

2018 just got here, but we can already predict what will be big for this year. Bathroom tiles are no exception — several different designs, shapes, colors, and textures will be the interior design rage this year.

You don’t want an outdated bathroom tile design. Here are the 10 hottest bathroom tile trends of 2018.

1. Matte

Matte-finish tiles became a thing in 2017, but they’re booming in 2018. Matte tiles aren’t overwhelming; they blend in perfectly and aren’t too loud. Matte bathroom tiles may look soft, but they have more flexibility with style and color.

Matte tiles are also practical. They don’t show watermarks and smudges as much as glossy tiles. Matte tiles are great for the walls, but their practicality and strength is recommended to use on the bathroom floor.

2. Neutrals

Neutrals and nude are everywhere; makeup artists rave over this subtle look and fashion designers are featuring neutrals in their collection. Because of their versatility, neutral is the perfect color scheme for your bathroom.

Neutrals and nudes aren’t new to bathroom designs — but this contemporary look is raving in 2018. Find a lovely neutral, such as beige, in a material such as ceramic.

The right shade of brown or slight rose will make a common bathroom look like luxury. Other colors, such as gray, beige, and cream, will match any home decor.

3. Graphic Patterns

Printed graphics and designs help spice up any tile. Patterns are alluring. Their complexity can make any room look extravagant.

There’s always room for creativity when using patterned tiles. You can have a solid-colored floor and patterned wall. Or, you can incorporate patterned tiles into all areas of your bathroom.

Patterned tiles are offered with any style. Are you more subtle? Find tiles with a softer hue. But are you load and crazy? Find bolder-colored tiles with intricate patterns.

4. Subway Tiles

When you’re waiting for the subway, do you ever admire the tiles? If not, you should start.

Because they’re a major 2018 trendsetter. Their simplicity is the reason why they’re trending. Minimalism is booming — and what better way to express minimalist style than in the bathroom?

There are ways to make subway tiles more exciting. Choose solid-colored white tiles, but maybe in off-white or cream. Use colored accents such as gray or beige.

Use different sizes for slight variation. You can even find white tiles in different shapes.

5. Geometric Tiles

Geometric tiles have always been the classic way to show more style in bathroom tiles. But they’re making the biggest headlines in 2018. Geometric tiles are being reinvented in several different colors and patterns.

Traditional geometric tiles are usually neutral-toned and each tile is evenly shaped. But more colors, designs and shapes are emerging.

What geometric shapes are trending? You’ll commonly find traditional rectangular and square tiles. But other shapes, such as triangles and hexagons, are becoming more popular.

Where should you place geometric tiles? While they can be used anywhere in your bathroom, they work best in the shower.

6. Wood Tiles

This is probably the unique trend of all. Are you debating between a tile and wood flooring? Choose both! 2018 is calling for bathroom floor innovation. These non-traditional tiles come in a variety of sizes and wood types.

Want to really beautify your bathroom floor? Use a combination of wood tiles and wood planks. This creates ornate patterns.

You’ll usually find oak, cherry, and maple wood tiles. To avoid damage, you can choose between multiple finishes.

7. Marble Flooring

Do you prefer to stick with classic bathroom flooring?

You’re in luck — marble flooring is still trendy in 2018. Marble always boasts luxury. Its illimitable beauty is the center of high-end materials. Each piece of marble is always unique, so your bathroom will inevitably stand out.

Marble is a trend that will never fade. Our ancestors used this rock to decorate palaces.

Today, you can choose several marble styles. Want to know the trending marble in 2018? Find marble in natural soft tones. Longer rectangular shapes look exquisite with this tone.

8. Varying Textures

Even in the midst of trends, how do you ensure your bathroom will be unique?

Add some texture to your tiles. Texture gives bathroom tiles the appearance of color depth. Different textures can add a simple finish or make the tile look completely revamped.

2018 is opening its doors to brand new textures. Among them is raked, which are sunken lines in the tile. And if we watch 3D movies, why can’t we look at 3D tiles? 3D dimensional tiles are the latest buzz.

9. Mix and Match

Have you found the perfect tile, but can’t decide between two colors? Use them both. Mixing different tile colors creates beautiful dimension. Even if you use neutrals or whites, mixing different colors always looks beautiful.

10. Artistic Looks

An artist has their own special medium — some specialize in bathroom tiles.

Want your bathroom wall to look like mermaid scales? It can be done. Want to deck your bathroom in hot pink? They definitely make pink bathroom tiles.

The internet has paved way for outrageous styles. These styles can be used in any room — including the bathroom. Don’t be afraid to install some brick in your bathroom and use unique materials such as glass.

Not a big fan of crazy tile art? You can easily find lovely ceramic tiles in vibrant colors such as red.

2018 is the Year of Bathroom Tiles

There’s no better time to renovate your bathroom than this year. For your 2018 resolution, use any of these fun tile trends.

If you want a classic but extravagant look, find some unique tile shapes and mix some colors. But if you want to let loose, use unique colors such as hot pink.

2018 bathroom tile trends cater to any style and any bathroom. Either way, these tile trends will make any bathroom look stunning.

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