10 Shower Design Ideas – with tiles

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When it’s time to remodel your bathroom, a lot of decisions have to go into the design.
Which tile to use? What colors to pick? Is getting new towels necessary?

One of the more important areas to consider is the shower. It’s a front-and-center part of any bathroom and it needs a little extra love to make sure it brings out the best attributes of any redesign.

To help you, we’ve collected some ideas to use tiles in your shower that will really help bring that extra something to your overall bathroom design.

1. Differ the shower tile

Chances are your bathroom has tile all over the place, not just in the shower. This is a detail that you can use to your advantage.

Giving your shower a different set of tiles than the rest of your bathroom can give your bathroom a whole new feel. It makes the shower sort of feel like its very own space. Plus, if you’re going to spend time putting effort into the shower design, why not draw more attention to it?

2. Have an accent wall

Using accented walls is a decorating trend that has been going strong for many years now. It provides an extra pop of color that helps bring out the design of the other walls surrounding it.

You can do the same with shower tile as well. Instead of only relying on using the same tile on your shower, use it into all wall.

3. Use varying tile sizes

Gone are the days where showers have simply white square tiles lined up perfectly in uninteresting rows.

Varying the sizes of your shower tile can make a huge difference in any design. It breaks up the monotony of having the same tile size over and over again. Plus it makes creating patterns a lot easier when you have different shapes of material to work with.

4. Liven up nooks and crannies

Giving the small areas some extra attention is a great idea to accentuate the rest of your shower tile design without drawing away too much attention.

A lot of showers have a little nook for soap and shampoo or perhaps a bench area. Don’t shy away from using them into your design as a whole. They can help bring the entire design together.

For example, if you have an accent wall, perhaps these nooks and crannies can have that same color to bring the whole color scheme together.

5. Contrast your colours

While using similar color groups can make for a harmonious color scheme, if you want something a little more exciting and eye-catching, then pick out colors that contrast and compliment each other.

For example, if you’ve picked out mostly shades of blue, use try to incorporate some orange as well. Because orange is on the opposite spectrum of the color wheel, it helps bring out the blue and make it appear more vibrant.

Using this kind of trick is an easy and simple way to really make your colors feel brighter and more beautiful.

6. Patterns are your friend

Making a good use of different patterns in your shower tile design is one of the best ways to give your shower that special flair. There is an unlimited number of patterns you can use to liven up your bathroom design.

Patterns can bring a sense of structure to a design without feeling monotonous.

7. Bring in textures

You don’t have to just settle for different colors. You can find a shower tile that can work beautifully with any shower design. Instead of going with only colored tile, you can rely on those with textures to bring the beauty to your shower.

Alternatively, mixing and matching some color with some texture can make a really interesting choice. They are the perfect match for those who love a natural look and neutral colors.

8. Make the grout part of the design

As an important part of laying down tile, grout will inevitably be put on your walls. It doesn’t have to be just a functional necessity, however. Instead, you could try to make it so that the grout is just as much a part of your design as the tiles.

For instance, if you have a dark tile layout, use the stark white of the grout to bring out those tiles even more. You could potentially find grout of varying colors too so that the grout can be more harmonious with your desired design.

9. Step into the future with the Internet of Things (IOT)

Technological developments are taking the bathroom by storm.

Equip your bathroom, especially the shower area, with solutions that meet your needs and expectations. Technological advances and the development of the IOT have made it possible to monitor and control energy consumption. Imagine being able to control the length of time your shower can run on hot water, avoiding long showers that add to your energy bill.

In a modern bathroom, comfort is not neglected

10. Be careful when choosing bathroom furniture finishes

Standardise the colour and finish of bathroom fittings and furniture.

There are different finishes and colours available for taps, shower trays, shower screens and other bathroom accessories and furniture. For example, choosing a black finish for your bathroom accessories and taps will add a touch of sophistication and elegance to the room.

An important detail for those who want to take their decorating to the next level.

Designing your own shower makes it more unique

The best thing about designing your own shower is the fact that you are essentially creating a unique and personal space.

Get experimental and try out something new and exciting.

Your bathroom will be unique and perfectly to your own aesthetic tastes.