Tile and Linea can play a huge part in your interior renovation, and not just in the bathroom or the kitchen.

But wouldn’t tiles look out of place in other rooms?

Not at all. In fact, the more creative you get with your tile, the better it will look. Don’t believe us?

Check out these 10 untraditional tile ideas that will bring a lot of character to your interior renovation.

1. Tile Tabletop

Creating a tabletop out of tile is a great way to add a splash of color to your dining room. The surface also makes the table pretty resilient to things like scratches and spills, so it’s a helpful choice if you still have a few messy eaters in the house.

These types of tables are pretty easy to make. All you have to do is adhere the tile to the top of the table, so there’s a lot of room for creativity. You can experiment with different styles and colors.

And if you aren’t ready to commit to the entire kitchen table, you can start with a coffee table or an end table.

2. Tile Accent Wall

Accent walls are nice, but they are even nicer when they’re made out of tile. Pick a color and design that ties into the rest of your living room, and install the tile on your chosen accent wall.

It looks amazing and adds personality to the room.

You can add these tile accent walls to any room of the house, and another good choice is behind the bed in the master bedroom. It removes all need for a nice headboard.

3. Tile on the Bathtub

No, not the shower (that’s coming next), the bathtub. If you have a floor mounted, freestanding tub, try covering the outside in tile.

This is especially fun if you have a small bathroom and don’t have the space to do a lot of other decorating. The bathtub tile will draw attention and give the bathroom some artistic color.

4. Mosaic Shower Tile

Think of this as an accent wall in your shower. Mosaics are beautiful tiles that come in all different colors and patterns, so if you have a small bathroom, maybe even too small for a freestanding tub, a mosaic shower wall is your next best way to get a unique tile design in your bathroom.

The bathroom is where you’d expect to see tile, but that doesn’t mean the tile has to be traditional or boring. If you know you’re going to be doing an interior renovation and what to get creative with your tiles, the bathroom is probably the first place you should start.

5. Kitchen Backsplash

Don’t just look at the color of the tile for your backsplash, look at the shape of the tile and the finish you plan to use. Those two things can add a lot of character to the backsplash on their own.

There’s a lot you can do with a tile backsplash. You can use unique tiles, install the tile yourself, or make a dimensional backsplash, meaning the tile isn’t just on one flat surface.

6. Tile Under the Kitchen Counter

This tile usually has the best effect if it matches whatever tile you’ve chosen for your kitchen backsplash.

You can install this tile under any counter that isn’t already claimed by cabinets, which means it will probably stand out the most on your kitchen island.

7. Tile in the Garden

Using tile in the garden gives the space a nice touch. Think about adding tiled stepping stones or tiled planter boxes. If your garden is planted next to some kind of wall, consider covering that wall with the same tile.

The colors and patterns compliment the green plantlife beautifully.

If you don’t have a garden or want to keep your interior renovation purely interior, you can get a few tiled flower pots for your occasional indoor flowers or herbs.

8. Pool Tile

If you have a pool and are trying to find some unusual ways to get creative with tile during your interior renovation, put them in the pool.

Of course, tiling your entire swimming pool would be a lot of work, but if you stick with one wall or a few features here and there, tile can give your swimming pool a high-end feel.

9. Tile on the Floor

This may sound obvious and pretty normal, but don’t think of a typical tile floor. There are a lot of none traditional ways to use tile on your floor.

For example, you can create a tile runner along the wall that borders the rest of the flooring. Or you can use tile to make a “tile carpet” in the hallway or in front of the door. You get the look of a beautiful carpet, but you don’t have to worry about keeping it straight or vacuuming it.

All you have to do is pick patterns, shapes, and styles of tile that aren’t usually used and find a way to make them shine in your house.

10. Focus on the Grout, Not the Tile

If you have to keep your interior renovation on a budget, changing the tile grout is a great way to make your tile look new and clean without spending a lot of money.

Tile grout is porous in nature, meaning it absorbs moisture and other dirt. This will make them look old and nasty pretty quickly.

But even so, the grout is the part of tile that tends to get overlooked.

A new application of grout can make a huge difference for your tiles. It also comes in a number of different colors, so if you want a change but don’t want to buy new tile, a colored grout can make your tile look like new.

Get Creative with Your Interior Renovation

Tile shouldn’t be limited to your bathroom or kitchen. It can offer personality, color, and an artistic flair to any room it’s a part of. In fact, some of the best places for tile are the places you would never have thought to put it.

That said, your bathroom still needs its tile.

Having a hard time deciding what bathroom tile is right for your home renovation? Take a look this inspiration.