Are you curious about how you can use more ceramic tile in your home?

Tile is a beautiful addition to any room. But it’s not just designed for bathrooms and modern showers.

You can implement Porcelaine stoneware in hundreds of creative ways throughout your home.

What’s more, you can bring more tile into your home entirely on your own in order to raise your home’s market value.

In this post, we’ll take a close look at several DIY tile projects that you can add to your spring to-do list this year.

Read on for tile insight!

1. Authentic Kitchen Backsplash

A lot of homeowners long to bring tile into their kitchen. A gleaming panel of tiles behind your stove can transform a kitchen in an instant.

But sometimes it can be tough choosing a tile that actually fits. What’s more, a lot of people balk at the idea of creating a backsplash on their own.

Luckily, you can take your kitchen backsplash into your own hands easily, and find a look you like. The key is to be creative and choose something bold rather than subtle.

Choose nontraditional sizes of ceramic tile for an eye-catching and classy change, such as narrow rectangles or fish scales. Find tile that is brightly-colored or patterned in an interesting way.

You can even find ceramic tile designed to look like wood. Some homeowners have luck with smaller, artisan mosaics.

Don’t feel pressured to create a traditional backsplash that covers the space between countertop and cabinet edge. Feel free to go outside the margins a bit, and create uneven edges for funky flair.

Learn more about how you can create a backsplash yourself here.

2. Tiled Shower

No matter what your shower situation is, you can always bring ceramic tile into the mix.

Consider creating a dreamy tile spread from tub rim to ceiling if you have a stand-alone shower stall.

Or panel the wall space above and around your shower with some beautiful mosaics.

Find some shower tile inspiration here.

If you’re starting from scratch as a homeowner, consider fully tiling your entire shower. This can give the bathroom a sense of expansive space.

Lastly, if you have wall nooks in place for storing shampoos and soaps, consider giving these mini backsplashes. Choose tile colors that can accent tones present in towels, rugs, and other decor.

3. Garden Path and Pots

You can easily transform a backyard or garden area with ceramic tile.

What’s more, if you have some leftover ceramic tile from your in-house project, bring the remainders outside!

Create an improvised garden path yourself with gorgeous ceramics. You can even tile pots, vases, and other vessels with miniature tiles for extra aesthetics.

4. Window Frames

If your windows are looking a bit lackluster, give them ceramic frames using tile. This is an incredibly easy DIY project that can instantly upgrade the look of any room.

You can really take this project in any direction you like. If you’re nervous about overwhelming a space, choose smaller tiles similar in color to the tone of the room’s walls.

If your windows are offset, feel free to tile the sills themselves.

Check out a visual of what this looks like here.

5. Countertops

This project is ideal for homeowners who really have a lot of leeway with their current home design.

If you’re looking for a stunning countertop addition to a kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room, consider ceramic tile tops.

Choose white or black rectangular tiles to mimic classic wood paneling. Or go for tinier mosaics to complement more minimalist cabinets.

Make sure you choose appropriate grout when tiling countertops, as you’ll likely be using these surfaces for a variety of purposes.

6. Kitchen Floor

There’s nothing quite like a tiled floor, especially when it comes to look and feel. If you don’t want to go the backsplash route, consider tiling your kitchen floor.

You can choose tiles that mimic wood in appearance and texture, if you’re longing for an affordable alternative to wooden flooring.

Or you can go big and implement large tile squares to give your kitchen larger visual space.

Whatever you choose, select tiles that complement your existing design and decor.

7. Bedroom Tile Projects

Why not bring ceramic tile into the bedroom? If you don’t mind having a hard surface beneath your feet, consider tiling your bedroom floor.

You can always bring in a rug or two to offset your tiled floor if need be.

Or you can intersperse a wooden floor with tiles for extra decorative fun–this is especially useful for people who are building their first home.

Some homeowners even implement a ceramic tiled backsplash above the bed to give the illusion of a headboard.

8. Upgraded Fireplaces

If you’re seeking a way to spruce up your current fireplace, ceramics might be your answer.

Grab a bucket of grout and some flame-resistant tile and create your own fireplace backsplash.

You may also be interested in tiling a small area in front of your fireplace to visually separate the flames from the living area.

If you have a mantel, consider tiling this too. Remember, tile doesn’t have to look like tile. You may be surprised at the options that are out there!

9. Tile as General Decor

At the end of the day, tile can be used as a form of decoration throughout your entire home.

Create intriguing wall displays with collections of tile. Border your home’s trim with an elegant layer of ceramic, for example.

Whatever you end up doing, it’s a good idea to have a visual of what you want before you start laying tile.

The Many Uses of Ceramic Tile

Ceramics are a beautiful addition to any home, and they aren’t just designed for bathroom decor.

Bring tile into your home by creating a classy kitchen backsplash or outfitting a countertop. Tile your shower or bedroom floor. Bring the tiles outside for garden paths or pots.

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