Home improvement projects are fun and exciting because you have an opportunity to make updates to your home. But, what happens when you’re unsure about which materials to use for a specified project? You need to perform a little research to better understand the types of materials that work best for each space of your home.

And, whether it be all about design or functionality, selecting tile for your home, especially, can be an overwhelming and often times tedious process. There are so many different types of tile to choose from like Grès Cérame. Not to mention that you must make sure the tile you choose is durable enough for the room in which you intend to use it.

If you’re preparing for a new home improvement project, then you’ve come to the right place. Here, I’m discussing different types of tile and what to use them for. Keep reading to learn more.

Different Types of Tile

Deciding on different types of tile depends on what you’ll be using it for. For example, if you’re redoing a shower or bathroom floor, you need to consider mold and slip resistance. Kitchen floors get a lot of traffic, so you’ll want a tile that can handle many years of wear and tear.

Here are the different types of tile to choose from:

Ceramic (Glazed) Tile

Ceramic tile is one of the most popular options available because it is durable and comes in many colors. It’s made from clay and then heated before a glazing process that allows for the variety of color combinations. Ceramic tile can be used in just about any room of your home and it’s easy to keep clean.

Porcelain Tile

Porcelain is another type of ceramic tile but it’s fired at a higher temperature and made from fine-grained clay. This is a less porous material making it resistant to moisture and stains. You can find matte, unglazed and high-polish finishes to complement any space.

Quarry (Unglazed) Tile

Quarry tile is simply a ceramic tile that has not been glazed. This also means you won’t find as many color options, but it’s a good non-slip surface. It’s good for kitchen floors and pathways, and can even be used outdoors.

These types of tile are inexpensive and durable, making for a long-lasting effect no matter where you use them.

Terra Cotta

Terra cotta tiles are made from clay and fired at high temperatures. They usually have a matte finish and must be sealed to prevent staining. You’ll only find a few different shades of the lighter orange hue so it’s best used in a warm space.

Mosaic Tile

Mosaic tiles are smaller, usually less than six inches and mostly around two inches. They are made from porcelain and clay and come in many unique shapes. You can find these types of tile on fabric mesh sheets or premounted on paper for easy installation. Get creative with your tile design on either a backsplash or small counter space.

Glass Tile

Glass tile is a popular option for backsplashes and comes in a variety of shapes, styles, and opacity. These types of tile work well in mosaic patterns. It’s a slippery surface so it’s not recommended for flooring, and it’s also prone to chipping.

Glass tile is one of the more expensive options available. However, it’s stain proof and easy to clean.

Natural Stone

Natural stone tiles provide many different effects depending on which stone you choose. There are several different varieties that you can use for flooring, walls and other projects.


Granite is most popular in kitchen designs for its durability and luxurious appearance. It works great as a countertop material, but can also be used on floors and shower walls or counters. This is a naturally antibacterial product that isn’t damaged by water.


Slate is extremely versatile and can be used indoors or outdoors. Some people even use slate for roofing tiles which indicates its durability. You can find slate in many colors and sizes to suit your project best.


Travertine is a type of limestone and works well on bathroom floors for its porous surface. It’s important to seal this stone, especially in high moisture areas to prevent it from absorbing water. This is a softer stone and generally less expensive than other natural stones.


Marble is another stone that is often used to complete a luxurious look and feel in a room. Each tile is different in color and composition so it makes for a unique design that complements all other features of your space. Marble is also a porous stone that needs to be sealed properly to prevent damage.

You can find marble in several different color ranges, from white to pink to black.


Onyx is a bit more expensive than other natural stones but creates a bold statement wherever it’s used. It’s a common choice for countertops with its creamy and pearl-like features and variety of colors. This is a fragile stone so it’s best not to use on flooring projects.


Sandstone is extremely durable with a grainy texture and comes in many colors and sizes. You can use this stone for flooring projects and also works well outdoors. It doesn’t require sealing and is otherwise relatively low maintenance.


Choosing the best tile for your home improvement project doesn’t have to be overwhelming and stressful. Just keep this guide in mind the next time you’re shopping for different types of tile. And, remember to consider which room you’ll be using the tile in and what its main purpose is to alleviate slips or falls on floors.

Tile is a great way to add some pizzaz to any space and it’s environmentally friendly, too. You can rest assured that your project will stand the test of time so you won’t have to redo anything, saving time and money. Not to mention preserving the environment by using sustainable materials.

If you have questions or comments about your tile project, feel free to contact me. This is a community driven blog.